About Us

The ShoeBoxes is a clear displayable, stackable storage sytem for your closet.  The ShoeBoxes will protect your shoes, whether it's your Jordan shoes, Yeezy Boost, Nike Shoes, Louboutin Red Bottoms, Jimmy Choo Heels or any other shoes in your closet.  The ShoeBoxes will organize your closet, by organizing your shoes, also allowing you to maximize the space in your closet, while creating a beautiful display of your collection.  Closet organizers, we have the best closet organizing and most attractive shoe box on the market.The ShoeBoxes was born from the CapBox a stackable storage system for caps that also stacks right on top of the ShoeBoxes and works seamlessly together protecting your shoes and caps.  I launched the CapBox in 2018 at Sneaker Con Santa Clara.  People at the show loved the CapBox, but so many people came up to me and said, "Man if you could create something like this for shoes that would be awesome and we would buy it."  From that moment I began to dream up the perfect container for storing your most prized possession shoes.  They are clear so you will never leave the house again and think about that perfect pair of shoes for that particular outfit that you forgot about in a regular shoe box.  The ShoeBoxes also come in two sizes, Large for Heels and High Tops and Small for Flats and Low Tops.  If you are all about maximizing your space the small box is equipped to handle your heels and high tops, just simply lay them or there side and they will fit with absolutely no problem.  Women most shoes 9.5 and down will still fit 2 shoes and men most size 17 and down will fit with no issues.