1 Pair Ladies Large BDS Double Door ShoeBoxes for High Tops & Heels

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(Best Damn Shoe Boxes) Large Premium BDS Double Door Shoeboxes

2 Pack- 2 Boxes per order

The Large Shoeboxes, is a shoe box designed to accommodate all of your footwear and maximize the space in any closet.  The ShoeBoxes small or large are stackable shoe boxes that can open without being un-stacked or moved in anyway.  The lid to each of the ShoeBoxes opens up and connects to the box on top of it allowing you to access all of your shoes without moving a thing. The ShoeBoxes is the most attractive and most durable shoe box on the market.  The clear visible display allows you to see every shoe in your closet, so you always pick the right shoe for the right outfit.

Dimensions 15L x 11 1/8 W x 8 3/8H

Three Small Double Door ShoeBoxes are the same size as 2 Large Double door ShoeBoxes

*The CapBox also works seamlessly with the ShoeBoxes allowing you to stack them on top creating the perfect closet system


  • 2 Doors open to access your shoes to get the most out of your closet space
  • Fits two of most women's shoes size 9.5 and smaller
  • Fits most men's shoes size 17 and smaller
  • Stack-able storage system that allows you to stack your shoes as high as you would like, while accessing each unit individually without unstacking
  • Breathable dust free environment to ensure your shoes stay clean & dust free
  • Clean displayable container, to organize and display your nicest shoes
  • The ShoeBoxes has a lid that locks on the box above it for easy access to your shoes
  • Removable Logo Stickers